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Taxes and Duties
Property taxes and the property tax in Tunisia:

French residents pay their taxes in Tunisia Tunisia cheaper than in France.
No TV tax.

Property tax and residence tax are calculated based on built in urban area as follows:
Taxes and Duties of Housing in Tunisia
Building category covered area Reference Price

of covered
category 1 under 100m² from 100 to 150D/year
category 2 between 100m² and 200m² from 151 to 200D/year
category 3 between 200m² and 400m² from 201 to 250D/year
category 4 over 400m² from 251 to 300D/year
Tax advantages for the benefit of foreigners they settled in Tunisia
A recently signed by the President of the Republic Decree comes to new tax incentives in favor of non-resident aliens to the change of residence to settle in Tunisia.
According to the articles of this decree, individuals of foreign nationality, can now benefit to the change of residence to settle in Tunisia, once non-renewable exemption from duties and taxes due to the Import:
1. a private car, household, whose age does not exceed three years from the date of its entry into Tunisia.
Imported in this context car is registered in the registration series ordinary Tunisian "RS" and the registration certificate must include the words "car can not be driven by its owner - car transferable.
2. personal effects and household items for the equipment residences acquired by them, within the limits of an aggregate value of fifteen thousand dinars per household.
Excluded from the above franchise goods and objects that are of a commercial nature and monopoly products.
The tax benefits mentioned in this decree shall be granted subject to justification by documentary evidence, to the following conditions:
- Obtaining a visa and a temporary residence permit valid for a period of one year,
- The non-performance of a job for consideration in Tunisia
- Proof of an annual income from outside sources at least thirty thousand (30,000) dinars,
- The acquisition, in accordance with the legislation in force and convertible currency, a residence located in Tunisia, and for the benefit of the benefits referred to in paragraph 2 of Article I of this Decree,
- Effects and objects must be imported within a period not exceeding two years from the date of acquisition of the residence
located in Tunisia
- Subscribe to a commitment not to sell or without charge effects, furnishings and car qualifying for the exemption, and in accordance with the model established by the customs.

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