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Terms of Sale:
Persons of Tunisian nationality:

For those of Tunisian nationality, sales contracts are realized simply, there is no particular approach to accomplish.
Persons of foreign nationality:
Tunisian law allows a foreigner irrespective of their nationality to acquire a property in Tunisia in the national urban and residential areas.
Prior to real estate, it is necessary that the foreign buyer ensures that the property is located in the urban area for this operation, consult a lawyer to continue the procedure, it is he who fills the functions of a notary.
Its role is also to file an application for authorization of the governor and to establish the promise of sale and thereafter finalize the final deed of sale.
-The purchase of the property is done in three steps through a lawyer:
1. The signing of agreement to sell
In the sales agreement, the reference of the property, the price, the payment made in advance and information about the identity of the seller and the buyer must be made.
The documents to be attached:
-Dossier completed and signed by the Governor
-Copy of passport
-Criminal record (B3)
  We need the foreign buyer has a criminal record dating back less than 3 months.
-Excerpt from birth
-Sale agreement signed
Survey topographic-ground
Copy-CIN or passport
-Proof of payment of tax to finance the cash
2. Submitting the application to the Governorate
The application must be submitted to the Governorate (Local government). The foreign buyer makes a request for an administrative authorization to the Governor of the area where the property is located to acquire. Such "authority of the Governor" is a condition of validity for the signing of the final sale. In addition, a period of about 14 months is required before obtaining a positive response to the purchase request, the case is reviewed by several departments.
3. The signing of the final deed of sale
The final contract of sale must state the number and date of authorization of the Governor. Document must be signed by both parties. Thus, the alien must legalize his signature at the consulate. The contract must be registered with the recipe of Finance. (See Finance Act 2007, s 34). It was during this last stage that the acquirer obtains title.
To enter:
A clause in the promise to provide a full refund or part of the amount paid at the signing if the foreigner does not obtain the approval of the Governor. The document may also specify a reasonable time to the prospective purchaser obtains authorization.
At the signing of the sale agreement, the owner agrees not to sell his property to a person other than the foreign buyer as it has not yet had "the authority of the Governor."
Tunisian law is always clear with all nationalities without exception!


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